GIS Info:

ProjectionName = NAD1983 Stateplane Coordinate System, Florida West
ProjectionType = Transverse Mercator
Unit = Survey Foot
FalseEasting = 656166.666666666667
FalseNorthing = 0
CentralMeridian = -82
ScaleFactor = 0.999941176470588
OriginLatitude = 24.3333333333333
ARC/INFO Output Projection Parameters
projection stateplane
unit feet
zone 3626
datum hpgn nadcon

ESRI shapefiles are a simple, non-topological format for storing the geometric location and attribute information of geographic features.

The shapefile format defines the geometry and attributes of geographically-referenced features in several files with specific file extensions that are stored in the same folder on disk.

They are:

.shp - the file that stores the feature geometry.
.shx - the file that stores the index of the feature geometry.
.dbf - the dBASE file that stores the attribute information of features.

See for more information regarding this format.

The record layout, codes and descriptions used in the file can be found on the DOR Public FTP Site